Human beings as a social animal (zoom politicón) Aristotle, we have the need to link with our fellow man through communication to give and receive information, which unites us, put things in common, the emitter model to the receiver we transmit messages that we have We have to decode them, and to confirm understanding we request feedback and take the message for understood. Communication is therapeutic when it is empathetic. Human relationships have most often used three ways of communicating: beliefs, truth, and lies.

Beliefs, which are also fictions, are defined as a set of principles in which the world is believed and how we should act. Beliefs are fundamental ideas memorized about what is transmitted from generation to generation how we should act. Example religious beliefs spread in all the peoples of the world. Another current example God chose Anglo-Saxon Americans to rule the world hegemonically because they are the best race. Former President Trump in his first presidential address said AMERICA FIRST. More beliefs, if a progressive claims to be anti-establishment he is a terrorist. President Sagasti is accused of being a terrorist, a communist and has not done any act of vandalism. A social progressive who demands social justice, equal opportunities for the poor is caviar, red, terrorist, communist.

There are beliefs so implanted in our way of thinking that they are unconscious and automatic, beliefs are emotional, they are born from the unconscious, where they are latent and hidden. The starting order is given by the reptilian and limbic brain; the rational, the reason, the science, the truth is blocked by the emotional domain that clouds reason. Beliefs are specifically cognitive schemas, that is, of relationships between concepts that appear in our memory. Let us banish from our beliefs words that contain an emotional charge of contempt or hatred: racism, Indian, cholo. Black, Chinese, Jewish, Muslim Arab, to the terruco left-wing politician, those widespread beliefs with prejudices generate misunderstanding to provoke conflict and violence.

Edgar Morin, French philosopher, in his book The Seven Knowledge Necessary for Future Education, 2007, on page 68 quotes: 

“We can expect a policy at the service of the human being inseparable from a policy of civilization that would open the way to civilize the earth as the home and garden of humanity with the human identity of citizen of the Homeland and to be reborn in the form of a new search for solidarity and responsibility “. It would help eliminate so many false beliefs.